Our Pursuit Continues

Fall 2018

Aperture and Loop 6" Recessed


See through the conventional to the exceptional.

Transformative design converges the unexpected

Transformative design converges the unexpected and the apparent.

and the apparent.

Discreet, diminutive design.
Anidolic optics

Light years ahead

The convergence of Anidolic Optics with pure architectural form opens the possibilities to a broad range of applications. A revolutionary ocular optic simultaneously delivers an elegant and efficacious distribution to both hemispheres, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.


75 up | 25 down

Anidolic optic efficiently mixes light from linear LED arrays to create a uniform, regressed ring of light.


75 up | 25 down

Precise, open extraction elements emit high performance up/down distributions with exceptional optical control and efficacy.


75 up | 25 down

A wide angle indirect distribution delivers greater on-center spacing with a uniform ceiling plane for maximum visual comfort and lower energy density.


100 down


25 up | 75 down

Anidolic optics specifically engineered for 75 and 100 percent down variants provide a controlled direct batwing distribution for superior performance in the broadest range of applications.

Complies with 2018 WELL v2™

WELL Building Standard™

See through to the architectural environment.

Clear Choice

Performance, design and value in two unique aesthetics.


Design without compromise

Choose from a variety of aesthetic and performance options to match your vision – all with no difference in price. Use Aperture and open yourself up to new opportunities.




Architectural geometry with uncompromised photometry.
Designed with contractors in mind

Easy. Fast. Simple.

When you order Fluxwerx products, you don’t just get high quality luminaires, you get instant online quoting and documentation tools, simple order processing, customer service support and contractor-ready shipments. Everything you need to ensure fast, accurate delivery for the tightest project schedule.

7 day Quickship

Integrated mounting,
easy installation

Same day quotations,
instant documentation

Seamless design

Service response
in minutes

Parts and tools to
save you time

Breakthrough design opens new possibilities.


Product options, pricing and 7 Day Quickship delivery to meet design and construction objectives for the broadest range of applications.

Introducing Loop 6" Recessed

Loop Recessed

Welcome to the family.

All the performance of Radial Anidolics with greater design flexibility and TechZone™ compatibility.
Better together

Break from the rhythm of convention

Mix and match Loop recessed and suspended luminaires for seamless integration using Radial Anidolic optics.

Seamlessly integrate elements of shape and scale.

Fall 2018

Aperture and Loop 6" Recessed


Compact aesthetics. See-through architecture. Clear choice.

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Loop 6” Recessed

Everything you love about Loop.
Now in 6″ recessed.

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Trimless drywall and improved flange trim kits are now available for all our recessed products.